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PCB automatic punching arm

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    1、PCB automatic punching arm is our own developed and manufactured punch press automatic loading and unloading equipment.
    2、It realizes the PCB board cart feedingqutomatic into the ovenCCD automatic scanning positioning
    3、Robot arm position holepunch plateautomatic stacking receiptis 1-2 times of manual feeding
    4、Have achieved the material stamping automatic income boardtruly fully automated
    One people can take care of 3-5 units of the same equipment which saves manpowerand also improve the working environment of the staffso that punch is no longer difficult recruitment


    Power Supply Three-phase 380V ±5%
    Pressure Dryair 0.4-0.8PMA
    Rated power 2.0KW
    Monitor 17 inch liquid crystal display
    Weight 800KG
    Exterior dimension Length 1700*Width 1640*height 1650mm
    Working dimension Max380*620mm  Min100*250mm
    Rush speed 700-1200Times/hour