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PCB full automatic online AOI

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  • Full Automatic Online Automatic PCB line on-line tesing machine is our latest research and development of a specifically used for detection PCB line of equipment
    1、Using 16K high-resoution camera600mm range of optical accuracy of 0.0037mm
    2、Using high-time hight-performance image acquisition and processing system
    3、Greatly improving the AOI system efficiency
    4、Using independent research and development of advanced image analysis algorithm can be effectively identified as small as0.05mm of the defectshigher 5、accuraceygreatly reducing the rate of false detection products
    6、Using a powerful database processing and storage capabilities will store and transfer thedefective procuct images to the testing statioin in real time
    7、Equipped special lights for inspector's better judgment of product's qualityto ensure high-definition image quality



    Power Supply 220V ±5% 50~60HZ Working dimension Max 600*1200mm
    Pressure Dry air 0.4~0.6MPA Thickness 0.4~4mm
    Humidity 40~70% Decetion method Automatic  single side,double side
    Rated power 1.0KW Optical precision 0.037mm
    Monitor 21 inch liquid crystal display Test item width of line,line spacing,residual coper,gap,short ciruit,open circuit,etc
    Weight 1000kg Decetion speed 6~10m/min
    Exterior dimension 2300*1700*1850mm Images system Using Germany's latest light source technology